Updated: Speed Comparison between Server Models

September 20, 2016

PHP5, PHP7, ASP and ASP.NET in a speed test

With the release of ASP.NET support in DMXzone Server Connect, which made possible to use all our database driven solutions in Dreamweaver, arose one question. We already knew that ASP.NET is fast but we will lie if we say that we knew how much faster it is, compared to Classic ASP. So we conducted a few tests with Classic ASP, PHP and ASP.NET and the results are mind-blowing. Make sure to check them out below and consider switching from Classic ASP to ASP.NET because the speed difference is impressive.

Update: We were asked about the PHP version used in the comparison so now both PHP5.6 32 bit and PHP7 64 bit are included and you can even see the speed difference between both versions, compared to ASP.NET and Classic ASP. 

The Story

Expressions evaluation

During our speed test for evaluating expressions and repeating lots of data, ASP.NET is a clear winner as PHP5.6 32 bit is 4 times slower, PHP7 64 bit is 3 times slower and classic ASP even 18 times slower than ASP.NET!



Image Resizing

Image Resizing is very much dependent on what component is used, still the ASP.NET resizing is 1.4 faster than the GD2 image resizing in PHP 7 64bit and twice faster than PHP5.6 32 bit. The image resizing in Classic ASP is 8.6 times slower even if it uses the same resizer component as ASP.NET.



Database Queries

Database queries are also very much dependent on the database driver being used. In our test case ASP.NET and PHP performed almost identically, because we used the same database driver. Classic ASP was 10 times slower because it processes and queries its data much slower with the old ASP ADO database connectivity.


Lubov Cholakova

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What version of PHP was used?

September 16, 2016 by Russ Dunham
What version of PHP was used in the comparison. I'm close to moving from 5.4 to 7 as it's a lot faster, but with what your comparisons show I'd like to know so I can decide where to go next. Thanks

PHP Version

September 19, 2016 by Lubov Cholakova
Hello Russ, for the speed test we used PHP 7.

PHP7 and ASPnet seem quite similar

September 19, 2016 by Greta Garberini
From the graphs it looks as if php7 performed better or pretty similar like ASPnet. There might be a great performance difference between php5 and php7, though. Thank you for this comparison, Lubov

Updated speed tests

September 20, 2016 by Lubov Cholakova
The article has been updated and now you can even see the difference between PHP5 and PHP7.

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