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September 26, 2016

Check out what's included in this extension

We're starting the week with some great news about the upcoming DMXzone Server Data Formatter. It's ready to make an official appearance on Wednesday and today you can check out the features highlights and an overview of the supplied formatters in it. You can even experience the amazing visual expression builder, which allows construction of expressions order and operations fully visually. Stay tuned for more info about this great Dreamweaver tool tomorrow.


55 supplied formatters

Text, numeric, date and time, conditional and collections filters.

Integration with Server Connect

All formatters are available within the Server Connect

Easy server data formatting

Format and display your server data any way you want

No coding required

Integrated visual tools and server code generation in Server Connect.


Visual Expression Builder

Construct the expressions order and operations fully visually. The expressions builder even supports nested expressions so you have the freedom to apply as many formatters and arithmetic expressions as you wish.

Collections server data formatting

The available formatters let you filter or sort your collections any way you want it.

Conditional server data formatting

Choose among the available formatters to perform different actions for different conditions.

Operation server data formatting

With these formatters you can execute a number of numeric operations to the value like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more.

Date and Time server data formatting

The available formatters allow you to format a timestamp to a more readable date and time. You can choose from format date, date add and date diff.

Numeric server data formatting

With the numeric formatters you can do various transformations like formatting a number as currency, rounding a number to the nearest integer, converting an input to a number and more.

Text server data formatting

Apply advanced filters to a string. From a text to be search for and replaced with another to counting the number of words and trimming white space, it's all possible.

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