New to Bootstrap 3? Get Started Now
October 6, 2016 by Lubov Cholakova

There's not a single chance that you've never heard of the Bootstrap framework, but how well do you know our tools? We have a complete collection of Bootstrap 3 extensions for Dreamweaver, which were recently improved and are even ready for the dark themed Dreamweaver. It's never late to start using them if you wish to design up to date, fully responsive and user-friendly websites. Below you'll find some useful video tutorials to guide you in the beginning and teach you how to design a website layout, add navigation, some great content and even build a form so make sure to watch them.


  • Add Tooltips with Bootstrap 3 Components
    Design – Learn how to add tooltips on your page
  • Building a Horizontal Form
    Design – Learn how to build a horizontal form
  • Create Fixed to Bottom Icon Menu
    Interactivity – Creating a fixed to bottom icon menu
  • Using Bootstrap 3 Thumbnails and Label Elements
    – Learn how to use Bootstrap 3 thumbnails and label elements
  • Inserting DMXzone Bootstrap 3 on a Page
    Design – Learn how to insert Bootstrap 3 on your page
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