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During the last week, we prepared one major updated for our beloved DMXzone Extension Manager, which is already available. It features an amazingly fast extension installation, various options for seeding your extensions, greatly reduced CPU and memory usage, new option for auto update and many more, which you can check out below. Now, you have the most advanced Extension Manager there is!

The Story

What's New in DMXzone Extension Manager 1.2.0

  • Amazingly fast extension installation! Multiple extension installation is now optimized even further so it performs amazingly fast on multi core and processor systems!

  • Greatly reduced CPU and memory usage! Now the DMXzone Extension Manager is mighty fast while using very little CPU and memory!
  • Highly Responsive User Interface. The DMXzone Extension Manager UI is now highly optimized so even if you have many extensions installations running and multiple downloads – it still response instantly
  • Full control of the Peer 2 Peer seeding. Now you can choose the degree to participate in the Peer 2 Peer downloads sharing of extensions with other DMXzone users. With “Seed all Downloads” option you will be sharing the extensions you download from DMXzone to all users until you remove them manually from the queue. With the “Limited Seeding”, the downloads will be automatically removed when they reach upload ratio of 2 (downloaded twice by other users). With the “No Seeding” option – you won’t be participating in the peer 2 peer sharing at all.

  • New option for Auto Update. When this is on – the DMXzone Extension Manager will auto update itself when new version is available.

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