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With our Christmas Sale approaching, we want to discuss some new stuff, which will be available this year. Until now, as a subscription holder, you were unable to benefit from the subscription sale, but this is going to change. It took us some time to negotiate with our payment provider but we want to make everyone happy so make sure to check our guide below and see what to expect from us, regarding the subscriptions. We'll give you helpful tips on how to upgrade an existing one, how to switch from monthly to yearly and more. 

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Upgrade from Monthly to Yearly Subscription

If you already have an existing Monthly subscription and you want to switch to Yearly subscription, it will be the easiest thing to do. First and foremost, make sure that you're logged in with your DMXzone account. Then just go to the Yearly Subscription page and hit the subscribe button. Our system is smart enough and the price will be recalculated according to the days left of your existing monthly subscription.

For example: If you have 20 days left, the price will be calculated as following: Yearly subscription price minus the days left of your monthly subscription. 

Also, you don't have to manually stop the renewal of your monthly subscription, it will be done automatically. 


Upgrade an existing Yearly Subscription

If you already have Yearly Subscription and have less than 3 months until expiration date, you can upgrade it with great discount. The price will be calculated as following: The Yearly Subscription price minus the remaining months of the existing subscription. Do not forget to login first so that the proper price is calculated.


Switch from buying extensions to Monthly/Half Yearly/Yearly Subscription

If you decide to subscribe for the first time, you can choose the plan that fits you the best and simply hit the subscribe button. That's it!


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