The Best of DMXzone Extensions 2016 Part 3

December 15, 2016

ASP.NET database connectivity

There's one pack of extensions, which we were particularly proud to introduce back in September. We brought ASP.NET support in DMXzone Server Connect with DMXzone Database Connector ASP.NET, DMXzone Database Updater ASP.NET and DMXzone Security Provider ASP.NET, and the speed test blew our mind. With these three amazing Dreamweaver tools, you can connect to your database, perform database updating actions and apply advanced security restrictions to your website.

The Story

DMXzone Database Connector ASP.NET

Access any well known database without any SQL and ASP.NET knowledge in Dreamweaver! This is what the DMXzone Database Connector is all about! Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal! The extension features a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections to all well known databases. Choose from ready to go connections for SQL Server, SQL Server Express and many others!

DMXzone Database Updater ASP.NET

Perform Database Updating actions on any well-known database without any SQL and ASP.NET knowledge! The DMXzone Database Updater ASP.NET Dreamweaver extension gives you the power to manage the data in your databases in a whole new way through Ajax technology! You are submitting, saving and reloading your data without any page refresh! Perfect for building dynamic web sites and single page apps. Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal! 

DMXzone Security Provider ASP.NET

DMXzone Security Provider allows you to apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app. Secure the access to your Database Sources and Database Actions build with DMXzone Database Connector and Database Updater fully! Decide who has access to what resources on your web site or app. Choose from single static logins to validate users from an existing database, having different access levels and rights. Use your own login forms or the supplied Bootstrap Modal Login form for maximum effect! Show or hide regions on your page depending on the logged in user.  


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