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December 16, 2016

Extended database functionality

Our final batch of DMXzone extensions, which we released during the past 12 months, features tools that extended DMXzone Server Connect's functionality to a whole new level. Among them you will find server data formatter, data importer and exporter, action scheduler and more. Below, you will find detailed info about each of these extensions and how useful they can be in your daily work.

The Story

DMXzone File System Connector

It's super easy to list the contents of a folder if you have the right tool to do it. It's called DMXzone File System Connector and allows you to use any folder on your server as a datasource and list the files on your website right away! Display the files properties, sort folder lists by size and restrict certain file types if needed. You can even add, move, remove and copy files, overwrite or rename them.

HTML5 Data Bindings State Management

It lets you to set URL parameter, which will navigate you instantly to where you came from in the first place. You can also choose to store some of the user and page state in cookies. In order to do that, set and remove cookie actions of the HTML5 Data Bindings State Management are what you need.

DMXzone Action Scheduler

Schedule any action or behaviors to get executed after a specific delay or repeatedly, whenever you want it to be triggered. Simply add the time delay for after the page is loaded and you're good to go. You can even schedule custom functions! Finally you can have your HTML5 Data Bindings driven dynamic site auto refresh as scheduled. Make those auto refreshing dashboards come true!

DMXzone Data Importer

If you wish to import CSV or XML files with data so that you can update it in bulk in your database, there's one really fast way to do that. It's called DMXzone Data Importer and it's an awesome extension, which lets you move vast amounts of data from one place to the other in an instant. It's highly useful if you want to update the data, for example, in a table with multiple records, or simply update your products on an e-commerce site, without any effort. 

DMXzone Data Exporter

The struggle is real when it comes to migrating data from one instance to another. It's often used for backing up data and lets you view it in a spreadsheet form. Do you want to have your data as an XML or CSV file that you'd like to work with later? Then we have a solution and it's called DMXzone Data Exporter. It is the extension you need to export one or multiple records, directly from your Dreamweaver and use the data however you want, instantly. The process is done in a blink of an eye so you don't have to worry about hand-coding.

DMXzone Server Data Formatter 

DMXzone Server Data Formatter is the extensions, which you need in order to apply filters to your server data. It's supplied with 55 text, numeric, date and time and conditional formatters that you can use to display your server data any way you want. It's all done fully visually within DMXzone Server Connect so you don't have to write a single line of code. 

DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on

Security and data integrity are crucial parts of any secure system. That's why you need to generate cryptographic hashes for secure password validation. This is where DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto comes in place and does that with various algorithms, strongly encrypt and decrypt texts with password and more. 


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