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We're happy to announce that during the holiday season we welcomed a large number of new members to the DMXzone community. To welcome you properly, we have some tips, which will make your work with our tools easier and you won't have to spend hours wandering around our website, looking for the user manuals, videos or the support. We have everything in one place on each extension's page and in this article we'll show you where to find all the info.

The Story

Install DMXzone Extension Manager and Extensions

First and foremost, in order to install any of our extensions you need to have DMXzone Extension Manager installed. It's a stand alone app and will let you manage your tools easily with just a couple of mouse clicks. There are two ways to install an extension either via its product page on DMXzone's website or via the DMXzone Extension Manager. 

Via product page

On each extension's product page you'll find a download and install button, which is located in the top right sidebar. Just click it and the desired tool will be installed in DMXzone Extension Manager


Via DMXzone Extension Manager

Of course, the easiest way to install extensions is directly via the DMXzone Extension Manager. Just go to the Purchased tab and click the install buttons. If you're using a subscriptions, all our tools are to be found in the Explore tab. 


Read the Manual

If there's one place, where we've gathered all the info you need to work with a certain tool, then it's the user manual. You can find it on each product page on the top right sidebar. It includes all features, along with helpful video tutorials, which will teach you the basics as well as the advanced options of the extension. 


Watch the Movies

From the product page, you also have direct access to all available video tutorials. Under the extension's description you'll find the video tab, which list all tutorials. 


Get free Support

All our support channels are free. We do not charge for tickets, so please be patient with us, because we do our best to provide the most efficient support possible. Use the support forums, our emails or contact us via the Live support chat and we'll help you out.

Support forums

Each extension has a dedicated support forum, where you can post any issue that you encounter, post suggestions for additional features, which we can add in future updates, or simply ask a question, regarding the tool.


Live Support

If you need a more personal and quicker problem solver, we also have a Live Support Chat, which is free and available Mo-Fri during business hours. Keep in mind that sometimes it can be busy and the response time can be a bit longer, but we try to be as quick as possible. Here, you can see some suggestions on how to contact us so we can solve your issue asap


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Great news

January 4, 2017 by Nikolaos Beligiannis
it is great news to see new people on board. I am sure thay will be more excited each day, discovering the potential of DMXzone Framework

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