Anatomy of DMXzone Extensions

January 10, 2017

Get to know the different types of extensions

With over 100 DMXzone extensions, understanding which one you need and how it works could be a tough job. In this article we'll explore the anatomy of our tools so you can get to know the four major groups and the difference between them. We have server side extensions, client side extensions, independent ones and also extensions, which still use the old server behaviors but will be deprecated soon.

The Story

Server Side tools

DMXzone Server Connect is the core platform for all our server side tools. On its own, it does not do anything but with its components installed in it, makes all the difference in the world. It is a visual builder that lets you choose the desired actions and generates all the code for you. It's supplied with built-in server models for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET.

Extensions working via DMXzone Server Connect

  • DMXzone Database Connector
  • DMXzone Database Updater
  • DMXzone Server Data Formatter
  • DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on
  • DMXzone Security Provider
  • DMXzone File Upload
  • DMXzone Image Processor
  • HTML5 Form Validator
  • HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on
  • DMXzone Zip Processor
  • DMXzone Data Exporter
  • DMXzone Data Importer
  • DMXzone Mailer
  • DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2
You will find these extensions in the Database Connectivity Collection PHP/ASP/ASP.NET

Client Side tools 

There are a few extensions, which are HTML5 Data Bindings dependable and you should have it installed in Dreamweaver before you can use them.

Note: Our future DMXzone App Connect will be the core platform for all newly developed client side extensions and will replace HTML5 Data Bindings entirely due to the methodology change.

Extensions, which require HTML5 Data Bindings

  • HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter
  • HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater
  • HTML5 Data Bindings Browser Properties
  • HTML5 Geo Location
You will find these extensions in the Database Connectivity Collection PHP/ASP/ASP.NET

Independent tools

These are stand-alone extensions, which have their own user-interface, where you can access all the options and customize the appearance.

Do not require another extension

  • DMXzone Bootstrap 3
  • DMXzone Action Scheduler
  • HTML5 Animate CSS
  • All galleries, sliders and user interface elements
You will find some these extensions in the Galleries & Sliders Collection and the User Interface Elements Collection

Require additional extensions

Also stand-alone extensions, which do not work neither on the server nor on the client side but require additional extensions to be installed prior their usage. Mostly, these are the add-ons for the independent extensions.

  • DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
  • DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation
  • DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Components
  • DMXzone Bootswatch
  • DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer
  • Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator
  • Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator
  • Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator
  • DMXzone File System Connector
You will find the full pack of Bootstrap 3 extensions in the DMXzone Boostrap 3 Collection

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