Connect to a Database in Dreamweaver - the Modern Way!

January 16, 2017

The secrets behind DMXzone Database Connector

Almost three and a half years ago we introduced the most modern approach to connect to your database in Dreamweaver. After the old server behaviors were deprecated, we stepped in and developed DMXzone Database Connector. Today, it already supports the most popular PHP, ASP and ASP.NET server types and lets you connect easily, without a single line of code, thanks to its built-in connection wizard and visual database source query builder. In this article we'll show you that using this extension is really simple and there's nothing to fear.

The Story

Integration within DMXzone Server Connect

Once the DMXzone Database Connector is installed in DMXzone Extension Manager, its options appear in the DMXzone Server Connect. What you need to remember is that you should create a server action file. This step is valid for all DMXzone extensions, which work via the DMXzone Server Connect framework.


Set up a Connection

You have the server action file, now it's time to do the actual connection, which cannot be any easier. Just add the required info and that's it! No coding whatsoever!

If you want to make sure that everything with your connection is fine, simply hit the test button and you'll know for sure! 

Display the Data on Your Page

Before you're ready to execute this server action, you want to pick up some data to be displayed on your page. Choose the table, select the columns, add them and that's it!


Integration with HTML5 Data Bindings

Last but not least, once the server action is set up, you'll need you to execute it, right? This is done via the HTML5 Data Bindings. So you need to have two major things, a server action file in the DMXzone Server Connect and an action executor in HTML5 Data Bindings


If you need a step by step guidance, make sure to check out the video tutorial below!


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True greatness

January 16, 2017 by Nikolaos Beligiannis
Let me add to Lubov's post 'there's nothing to fear'. If you are really interested in providing top quality services to your clients while beating competition in custom solutions / price / speed and quality then this is the place to be. If you are a coder, just spend 10 minutes of your life and try to make a database update with the DMXzone Framework. If you are a junior or no coder at all do this. Read a tutorial and try (and when I say try, I mean make it work) a database fetching with a pagination. Don't try to do it in a day if it is not easy. Spend an hour each day until you succeed. Then get the DMXzone Framework and try to reproduce the same result. You will freak out! Look, DMXzone products are for serious web development. Believe it or not, like it or not but yes with Dreamweaver and DMXzone Framework you are on your way for custom web development greatness!

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