DMXzone App Connect's Custom Components

February 3, 2017

Get ready for the future web standards

Yesterday, we showed you the phenomenal structure of our upcoming DMXzone App Connect and it's time to dive into the deep and explore its components, which make it so great. The best news about this upcoming release is that it's already ready for the HTML5 Custom Elements v1 web standard. If you're not familiar with Custom Elements, they allow defining new types of HTML elements and this is exactly what we did. So make sure to check out the first preview of these rich components.

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Understanding Custom Elements

Some of you might be wondering about the Custom Elements we're talking about and to explain it, we need to dig out some background info. 

Web Components are a suite of connected technologies aimed at making elements reusable across the Web. The lion’s share of the conversation has been around Shadow DOM, but probably the most transformative technology of the suite is Custom Elements, a method of defining your own elements, with their own behavior and properties.

The basic idea is that if you create an element that always performs the same role and has the same set of properties and functions applied to it, then you should be able to name it after what it does.

DMXzone App Connect auto creates and uses custom components with their properties and not a bunch of nested divs. Even if you're using an older browser (IE9+ is the minimum requirement), DMXzone App Connect custom components will auto polyfill and will run great on browsers that don't support the new standard so you're well set for the future.

More on the subject you can read here

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