HTML5 Animate CSS 2 Feature Highlights
March 20, 2017 by George Petrov

As we approach the release of HTML5 Animate CSS 2 tomorrow, we wanted to give you a preview of its great features! Get ready for amazing on scroll reveal animations, great animated thumbnails list and awesome entry and leave animations!

Check also the included Photographer Portfolio showcase and get ready to be blown away! 

UPDATEHTML5 Animate CSS 2 is officially released now! 


Choose among over 50 animations

All visually available within DMXzone App Connect panel

Animate repeat children regions

Combine enter and leave animations for greater user experience

In view and out view animations

Add amazing animations on page scroll so the elements appear in style

Animate the appearance of an element

Use move animations to rearrange element's order


Create interactive pages and draw users's attention

Animate any element on your page with fantastic animations

Virtually animate any page element

Use a wide range of cross-browser animations to use in your projects.

A hand-full of transition effects

The extension comes with over 30 transitions to choose from

Powerful animations on page scroll

Enhance the user experience with in view and out view animations

Amazing list and thumbnail grid animations

When used with an App Connect Repeat Children you can achieve fantastic animations of all the list items or thumbnails

Full integration with DMXzone App Connect

All animations and transitions are available within the App Connect panel

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