Bootstrap 3 Extensions get App Connect Update
April 4, 2017 by George Petrov

We have just updated all the main Bootstrap 3 extensions with full DMXzone App Connect compatibility! So you can now fully empower next generation, dynamic websites and apps!

if you don't have all of the Bootstrap 3 extensions, you can get them now with 30% discount till next week!


The Story

In the upcoming next days we will also be updating our Bootstrap 3 Generators as well, so you can directly build rich Bootstrap 3 Forms, Tables and Paging - all with data bindings from DMXzone App Connect! 

Mentioned Extensions
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer
Design – Create amazing Bootstrap 3 forms for your website or app
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation
Design – Great Bootstrap 3 Navigation for your website or app
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Components
Design – Empower the best Bootstrap 3 Responsive Components
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
Design – 37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Design – Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
HTML5 Animate CSS 2
Interactivity – Animate any page element and add stunning transitions

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