Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator 2 coming up!

Now that the Easter holidays have passed our team is back in high speed development and the new Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator 2 is almost ready for prime time! Now it is fully integrated with DMXzone App Connect so you can empower the data bindings from it and also connect nicely with the DMXzone Server Connect!

So stay tuned for the release this week and check our the features!


Generate Dynamic Tables

Generate and populate tables from your dynamic source

Turn Any Data Into a Table

Quickly produce your tables from HTML5 Data Bindings data source

Fully Responsive Tables

Make your tables look great on any device

Customize Your Tables

Add borders, zebra-stripes and even make tables more compact


Generate tables automatically

The table is automatically generated from your Data Bindings data source or dynamically with the help of DMXzone Database Connector.

Customize your tables for the best user experience

You can enable hoover state in your tables, make them more compact by cutting the cell padding in half, add borders and even add zebra-stripes.

Super-smart table generation

The intuitive table generator arranges rows and columns according to your data source.

Make your tables responsive

With a simple click, you can make your tables fully responsive, so they fit any desktop browser and mobile device.

Fit the table in any site/app design

You can choose between horizontal or vertical orientation for your table. The vertical one is usually used to display detailed information.

DMXzone App Connect Support and Integration

The new Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table generator 2 is fully integrated in App Connect and you can choose any App Connect data bindings as source for your table generation

George Petrov

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April 18, 2017 by Adriano Luiz
Please Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator for AppConnect please

April 18, 2017 by Teodor Kuduschiev
Hi Adriano, Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator is coming after the Table Generator release.

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