Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2 coming up!

Now that we release the amazing App Connect State Management extension for empowering the HTML5 Web Storage, you can integrate and go further with the upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2! The new generator is now fully integrated with DMXzone App Connect so you can use any the data bindings from for paging and also connect nicely with the DMXzone Server Connect!

So stay tuned for the release this week and check our the features!


Generate Dynamic Paging

Automatically separate your content in single pages

Great Bootstrap styled Paging

The pagination looks great on any device

Use State Management

Save paging state in URL for bookmarking and restore of page load

Customize the Paging

Select size and customize the buttons to fit your design


Split your content with paging

Partition you large content into single pages with great navigation, fully automatically, for the best structure and user experience.

Client Side Data View paging

Use state management as global option that apply to both server & client side paging, so you can also do client side paging together with the Data View component from App Connect Data Traversal

Server Side paging with Server Action and Paged Query

If you have a large list of content, which needs to be separated into a vary large number of pages, the best way is to use paged server action as a source. It works on the server side and is much faster than a repeat region, which works on the client side. Just make your database connection in DMXzone Server Connect, add a paged query and you're good to go.

Use State Management

In order for the active page to be remembered in the URL you need to have App Connect State Management extension installed in your Dreamweaver.

Style the paging any way you want

The extension is Bootstrap based therefore it allows various customization. You can choose the size of the paging and also it's appearance. You can even add your own text in your own language for the prev/next/first/last buttons.

Define the paging view

Select how you want to see your page numbers, with smart division in maximum visible links, so that the user have a clear view and not a huge page list.

Great integration with Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator 2

Both extensions work greatly together to create the ultimate combo of dynamically generated table with content and paging for it, for quick navigation through the pages.

DMXzone App Connect Support and Integration

The new Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator 2 is fully integrated in App Connect and you can choose any App Connect data bindings as source for your paging generation

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Paging Generator 1

May 2, 2017 by Mark Baldwin
I just recently bought several extension, one of which was the Paging Generator 1. Will DMXZone honor an exchange or will this automatically switch on my end? Purchase date was Apr 14 (Easter Sale). Had I known a replacement was coming so soon I would have waited so I would not be put in this position. Here is a list of the extensions I purchased. DMXzone Server Data Formatter DMXzone Server Data Formatter Crypto Add-on DMXzone App Connect Data Traversal DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter DMXzone App Connect Browser DMXzone Database Connector PHP DMXzone Database Updater PHP DMXzone Security Provider PHP DMXzone Bootstrap 3 DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Paging Generator Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator 2 DMXzone PrintIt HTML5 Geo Location HTML5 File Upload HTML5 Form Validator Google Maps Directions Add-on Ajax DataGrid Should I expect even more of these recent purchases to have replacements released soon?

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