App Connect Form Validator - what to expect

May 23, 2017

Finally! We are about to release the most advanced HTML5 Form Validation ever! Now fully integrated with DMXzone App Connect, you can easily validate html forms, client and server side.

Available 39 validation rules to cover everything: simple e-mail, text fields, URL, dates, credit card numbers and ranges, even more complicated such as multiple rules for a single input. So keep calm and be one of the first ones to get our form validator tomorrow!

Want to see it in action now? Check the showcase below!


Fully customizable input validation

If you don't like the default error styling and you don't use Bootstrap 3, then you can choose to use your own custom CSS styling

Use on any App Connect driven form

You can use the form validation on any HTML5 Form, but also integrate it with dynamic App Connect and Server Connect bound forms

Includes 39 extended validations

all the HTML5 standard validations are available, extended with many more to serve all your needs

Perform Server Side Validation

Even when the form is submitted an additional server side validation is done by Server Connect against the same rules - so your form data is always validated


Full client side, real-time validation

For the best user experience, offer your users strong HTML5 compliant validation as they type with more responsive and visually rich messages, hints and suggestions.The idea is to ensure that they provided the correct information, without wasting time, figuring it out on their own. With client-side validation, form never gets submitted if validation fails.

Full server side validation

An iron strong server side validation is automatically done with the tight integration with DMXzone Server Connect. So there is no escape even if people bypass the browser client side validation, data on the server is always validated!

Full customization and styling with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 extensions

HTML5 Form Validator works like a magic with all our Bootstrap 3 extensions, so you can add and style your forms however you want and even do them from scratch with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer, add cute icons with DMXzone Font Awesome, and basically everything you need - colors, buttons, headers, images, etc.

39 validation rules to choose from

We have a large list of validation rules, which you can choose for your forms. Separated into 5 groups, you'll find everything you need, even some cool stuff like IBAN, BIC code, color, pattern and more.

Build dynamic, well validated forms

If you really want to go hard-core on your forms, you can always add dynamic values to it. You'll need our two free superheroes to achieve that - DMXzone App Connect and DMXzone Server Connect. Don't worry it's an easy thing to do, but if you need some help you can always check out our video tutorials.


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