Closed Beta Version of Wappler is Released

We are happy to announce that the beta version of Wappler, our own finely developed standalone visual web app creator, is now released!

That is Wappler's first big milestone! Our algorithm-selected group of testers will give us first user feedback about the application's functions.

The testing period has a duration of 10 days. Immediately after that, our team is planning to release a public beta version.

Please check your e-mail or SPAM folder to figure out if you're among the invited users.

The Story

Let's remind you Wappler's advantages in a nutshell:
  • Best-in-class web and app design environment, compared to most of the web builders available on the market.
  • Design view uses the latest web standards and Google Chrome for rendering so it always looks great.
  • Powerful technologies are built-in:
    • App Connect for Front-End Development
    • Server Connect for Server Side Development
  • Powerful multi-target deployment with support for all various FTP and secure FTP servers
  • and much more - will be announced.

Stay tuned, go to

Boris Rangelov

Boris RangelovIf we should describe Boris with one word, he is a digital enthusiast with broader experience in frontend web development using modern technologies — HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Angular.js), PHP. He is part of DMXzone and contributing to the community as one of you.

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October 5, 2017 by rick rick
I can tell you that the application looks amazing and it's blazing fast

Re: Outlook

October 6, 2017 by Boris Rangelov
Great, Rick! Thanks and stay tuned

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