Start Using Users' Position: App Connect Geo Location is Coming Soon

January 23, 2018

Why not to begin collecting accurate location information about your users? We are about to release App Connect Geo Location - the best way to figure out where your users are located and let them share that information with your server.

Get directions, show places nearby, or just collect geo information about your customers. It's easy!

Fully compatible with App Connect and App Connect Google Maps - that's the extension to expand your knowledge about users on your website and make your services even more accessible.

Stay tuned, releasing tomorrow!


Accurate Geo Location

Let your users share highly accurate location information with you! No easier way to get your users directions to every place on the map.

Feed Google Maps With Data

Use App Connect Geo Location to use users' location as a dynamic data source for Google Maps functions, e. g. markers.

Continuous Tracking

The extension returns the current position of the user and continues to return updated position as the user moves!

Use What You Need

Use more than 10 different properties to specify and get information about latitude, longitude, heading, speed, timestamp, etc.

Boris Rangelov

Boris RangelovIf we should describe Boris with one word, he is a digital enthusiast with broader experience in frontend web development using modern technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Angular.js), PHP. He is part of DMXzone and contributing to the community as one of you.

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