Wappler Goes Crowdfunding on 15th February

February 8, 2018

Big news today! We're officially announcing that DMXzone's finely developed standalone visual web app creator Wappler will start a crowdfunding campaign on 15th February at 3PM CET!

Learn more on wappler.io

The campaign will be launched on IndieGoGo platform and it will last 1 month. During that time there will be many options (so called 'perks') to get early access to all Wappler features on a special price and even get some T-Shirts or coffee mugs! Do you think it's time to switch to Wappler? The crowdfunding will be your gate!

Even more! You will get eternal fame as one of Wappler's first backers! That's really cool.

Read the FAQs about our team below.

The Story

Why we decided to run own project?Adobe Dreamweaver is turning more and more into a tool for hardcore coders and loosing its well-known visual abilities. It's also a truth that Dreamweaver's development has being way behind the latest web or mobile app developments.

We give you one alternative: this new tool is powered by all the extensions from DMXzone and all the latest technology, and going further - where Dreamweaver hasn't gone before!

For many years our Dreamweaver community is offering high quality extensions for web designers and developers and we are so thankful to Adobe for that great web era!What is Wappler?Wappler is standing for Web App Builder. We give you the opportunity to create single page applications and mobile apps without any skills! And following DMXzone's main principle: just add creativity.

In a nutshell: Wappler is an advanced visual web and mobile applications builder – create your projects in a great visual way by using only creativity and combining many components and workflows. Check some features here.

App Connect and Server Connect extensions will be implemented as native components of Wappler, as well as Bootstrap 4 and Framework 7! So the same power technologies as App Connect for front-end development, Server Connect for all server side workflows, will be available within Wappler.

With Wappler we are opening a new way to complete freedom of extension development based on the latest web and app standards, empowering the modern workflows of multi target publishing, modern web and app building and packaging workflows!
What about the future of DMXzone?

As we will continue to support Dreamweaver with high quality extensions on DMXzone - with Wappler we will offer you even more powerful extensions that deliver the latest technologies and does not limit us as Dreamweaver did. All the DMXzone support channels will remain switched on and working as before.

Join the crowd!

Stay tuned and keep an eye on wappler.io and blog.wappler.io.

Boris Rangelov

Boris RangelovIf we should describe Boris with one word, he is a digital enthusiast with broader experience in frontend web development using modern technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Angular.js), PHP. He is part of DMXzone and contributing to the community as one of you.

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