App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation Highlights

March 20, 2018

We continue releasing high-quality Bootstrap 4 extensions for Dreamweaver! The next one will be App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation - it allows you to add great navigation on every project!

You got power to fully manage the navigation properties, set the visibility of each navigation item by yourself - depending on the devices. Easy styling, customization, show/hide elements, or even add forms!

Coming up soon!


App Connect Bootstrap 4 Native

The extension is App Connect Bootstrap 4 native, so they are synced in an awesome way!

Great Custom Styling

Style every single visual element by yourself, edit properties, colors, fonts, alignments or even add icons!

Pixel Perfection on Any Device

It's made for desktop, tablet, mobile or any other device. Looks perfect! Show/hide menu items on certain screens.

Set Mobile Menu Width

Set the minimal width of the device's screen to turning the navbar into a mobile menu!

Easy Elements Insertion

Just click, add elements to the menu and set them the properties you want.

Add Forms Into Navbar

It's simple to add a subscription form or a search field in the navigation.

Boris Rangelov

Boris RangelovIf we should describe Boris with one word, he is a digital enthusiast with broader experience in frontend web development using modern technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Angular.js), PHP. He is part of DMXzone and contributing to the community as one of you.

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