Stylish Bootstrap 4 Navigation Released

March 21, 2018

Another great Bootstrap 4 release on board!

Get ready to add a stunning navigation to your website and make it eye-catching responsive project with great UI! Complete your Bootstrap 4 website or mobile projects from top to bottom with the all-new App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation. It allows you to add an awesome customizable navbars without any coding skills and only using Dreamweaver!

Go to App Connect Bootstrap 4 Navigation

Get 13% OFF the newest Bootstrap 4 Navigation extension on DMXzone only until next Tuesday, 27 March! Remember, any time you decide to upgrade from DMX Bootstrap 3 you will save 13% too.

Boris Rangelov

Boris RangelovIf we should describe Boris with one word, he is a digital enthusiast with broader experience in frontend web development using modern technologies - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Angular.js), PHP. He is part of DMXzone and contributing to the community as one of you.

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The cost is too much

March 22, 2018 by Rokon UL Haque
The tools is too much costly, I think the dmx tools price is going high every time for small part. If like this then have to re-think.

RE: The cost is too much

March 22, 2018 by Teodor Kuduschiev
Hello, if you don't want to purchase the extensions separately or find them expensive for you, then you can always get access to all of them for a small monthly fee, using our subscriptions:

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