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April 10, 2018

Coming up next: App Connect Bootstrap 4 Forms! It includes dozens of form components - buttons, dropdowns, input groups, checkboxes, radios, alerts, and much more.

The extension will help you to create awesome forms for your website and it's easy customizable thanks to the great Dreamweaver integration. You can even set dynamic values to your form inputs!

All the forms are mobile-first and use the latest Bootstrap 4 framework! As you know, we already released App Connect Bootstrap 4, as well as Cards, Bootswatch and Navigation.

Releasing tomorrow, stay tuned!


Based on the All-New Bootstrap 4

Unleash the power of adding Bootstrap 4 forms to your website!

Many Pre-Built Advanced Reusable Components

Over a dozen reusable components providing you buttons, dropdowns, input groups, alerts and much more!

Mobile-First, Looking Perfectly on Any Device

Your forms run amazing on any browser and device! Bootstrap 4 is mobile-first framework, so it's the perfect to work with.

Fully Visual Form Creation in Dreamwaver

Integrated with Dreamweaver in a great way: just select what type of element you want to add to the form

Boris Rangelov

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