App Connect Browser Control 2: Highlights

October 15, 2018

As we announced in our blog post from Friday, the App Connect Browser Control 2 is coming up this week with a set of amazing features! Check the hottest highlights below and don't forget to check the included showcases.

Stay tuned, releasing on Wednesday!


Detect page scrolling

Get all the data related to scrolling - direction, position, offset and length

Customize elements

Apply custom styles, attributes or animations to page elements depending on page scrolling

Get page and viewport data

Get all page, viewport and device sizes as well as pixel ratio and orientation

Get URL data

Hostname, href, port and hash are just a few of the properties you can get

Detect user tracking and cookies preferences

Check if user cookies are enabled or disabled

Show hi-def images only when needed

Serve retina images only to high-pixel ratio devices

Redirect users after logging in

Redirect users back to the referrer page, once they logging in

Perform URL navigation and Show Alerts

Send users to a specific URL or show Alert on any dynamic event


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