App Connect Lazy Load Coming Up!

December 11, 2018

App Connect Lazy Load is a fast, SEO-friendly lazy loader for images. Now you can load pages, containing tons of content and hundreds of images in just the blink of an eye!

App Connect Lazy Load offers support for responsive images using srcset attribute, so you can serve different images depending on visitors' devices viewport sizes. The device will only load the image that fits its size, which is really efficient in saving bandwidth and optimizing load times.

All of this is coming tomorrow!


Fast Performance

The component uses high-efficient code which can be used with hundreds of images

Intelligent Resource Prioritization

In-view images are loaded fast and near-view images are preloaded lazily before they come into view

Responsive Images

Standard responsive image support via srcset attribute is included

Device Size Detection

Only load the image needed for visitor's device viewport size

SEO Friendly

Lazy Load does not hide your images from Google. It auto detects the user agent and serves the content as required.


Small in size and without jQuery or any other dependencies

Teodor Kuduschiev

Teodor KuduschievAs a part of the DMXzone and Wappler team, Teodor has a passion for creative web development, using the latest technologies. He's taking care of showcases, tutorials and support for our community.

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