Bootstrap 4 Version 2 Released!

February 27, 2019

Welcome the new Bootstrap 4 Version 2!

With a totally redesigned UI and revamped UI controls, the new version is the easiest way to build responsive, Bootstrap 4 based websites in Dreamweaver! The new UI offers blazing fast performance and huge productivity boost. Building your entire website using the responsive mobile-first grid system has never been easier!

All of this, thanks to the development we've done with Wappler and its awesome community!

Take advantage of the intro price and get it now with 13% discount!

Go to Bootstrap 4 Version 2

Keep in mind that Bootstrap 4 is fully available within Wappler - the DMXzone-made full Dreamweaver replacement and so much more! Why not to give it a try for FREE

Teodor Kuduschiev

Teodor KuduschievAs a part of the DMXzone and Wappler team, Teodor has a passion for creative web development, using the latest technologies. He's taking care of showcases, tutorials and support for our community.

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