Coming Next: Bootstrap 4 Forms Version 2!

March 12, 2019

Another great Bootstrap 4 Update is coming this week on DMXzone! Bootstrap 4 Forms Version 2 includes totally redesigned UI controls for easy responsive forms creation, powerful design options and customizable components!

Bootstrap 4 Forms V2 includes many awesome form components, as well as ready-to-go form templates for the most common user cases. That's the key to create great customized Bootstrap 4 forms for your website directly using Dreamweaver UI! You can even set dynamic values to your form inputs, so bring them to life!

Stay tuned, Bootstrap 4 Forms V2 is coming tomorrow!


Redesigned UI Controls

  Bootstrap 4 Forms V2 comes with a new, modern, easy to use UI and revamped controls.

Form Grid

More complex forms can be built using form grid. Build layouts that require multiple columns, varied widths, and additional alignment options.

Responsive Options

Adjust width, spacing, color or align options for the selected media query in DW.

Horizontal and Vertical Forms

Select whether to create a vertical or horizontal form.

Custom Switches

You are now able to create and add your own custom iOS style toggle switch controls on your page, for turning different options on or off.

Form Validation

Combine with Bootstrap 4 Form Validator in order to add validation to your form inputs.

Dynamic Data

Easily add dynamic data to your form, thanks to the great App Connect integration.

Predefined Templates

Easily add a whole form on your page using the predefined form templates.

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