Coming Up Next: App Connect Dropzone

March 26, 2019

Imagine being able to simply drag files from your desktop and drop them in your browser. App Connect Dropzone is coming this week and will help you do this easily! Uploading one or more files at the same time? It's up to you! 

App Connect Dropzone offers client side image preview, for the selected images. You can add your own custom text message, if you need to translate it in your language. Limnit the file types, which your users are allowed to upload on your website with just a few clicks, thanks to the great App Connect Validator integration.

The Dropzone component integrates with Server Connect Forms, so the files are processed server-side by DMXzone Server Connect and its powerful upload and processing tools!

Stay tuned, App Connect Drozpone is coming tomorrow!


Great Dreamweaver Integration

App Connect Dropzone comes with modern and easy to use UI, right in the App Connect Panel in Dreamweaver!

Upload Single or Multiple Files

You can allow multiple file uploads, so that your users can drop all the files at once.

Thumbnail Previews

Enable the Thumbnails and adjust their sizes so that you can preview the images dropped in the Dropzone.

Remove Files

You can easily remove any of the selected files, by just clicking on its thumbnail.

File Type Validation

Limit the accepted file types thanks to the great App Connect Validator integration.

Custom Progressbar

Create custom progressbar using the info returned by the Server Connect Form.

Custom Text

Add custom message for your users or translate it to your language.

Bootstrap 4 Forms Integration

You can use the Drozpone component directly with Bootstrap 4 Forms to build your form layout.

Teodor Kuduschiev

Teodor KuduschievAs a part of the DMXzone and Wappler team, Teodor has a passion for creative web development, using the latest technologies. He's taking care of showcases, tutorials and support for our community.

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