Bootstrap 4 Modals Version 2 Coming Next

April 2, 2019

This week we continue with the updates for our high-quality Bootstrap 4 extensions for Dreamweaver!

The next one that is getting great new, totally revamped UI controls is Bootstrap 4 Modals Version 2. Modals are initial part of Bootstrap 4 framework and they're the easiest way to tell your users something important, let them like your Facebook page, subscribe for updates... any content you need! You can even put Forms, Video Player, Swiper or Medium Editor inside! Modals are fully compatible with App Connect dynamic events so you can show, hide or toggle them when needed.

Thanks to Bootstrap 4, modals are fully compatible with any device and screen size. You got the controls in your hands - change colors, size, fade animation, align, auto show, backdrop, etc.

Stay tuned, Bootstrap 4 Modals V2 is coming tomorrow!


Great modals on every website

Modals are best dialog boxes for notifications, alerts, login or signup form ... or whatever content you want!

Redesigned UI Controls

Bootstrap 4 Modals V2 comes with a new, modern, easy to use UI and revamped controls.

Great Customization Options

Easily customize header, footer or body background and text colors.

Live View Integration

Preview the modals in DW Live View. So easy to customize and time-saving as well!

Control via Dynamic Events

Easily show, hide, toggle or update modal by using App Connect dynamic events.

Scrollable Modal Content

You can create a scrollable modal that allows users to scroll the modal bod, when the modal content is long.

Combine With Other Extensions

Modals work great with different App Connect extensions - Swiper, Maps, Forms, Video Player or Medium Editor.

Control Other Components

Control other App Connect components when the modal is shown or after it's hidden.

Teodor Kuduschiev

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