Bootstrap 4 Tooltips Version 2 Coming Next!

April 16, 2019

The next Bootstrap 4 update is coming up this week! Bootstrap 4 Tooltips Version 2 is almost here, coming with great new UI now it fully integrates with Bootstrap 4 Version 2.

Guide your users through the content with useful tooltips. You can put bubble-like tips on any feature, button or text and show them what they need to do.
Bootstrap 4 Tooltips V2 can be used with dynamic data, thanks to the great App Connect integration.

Releasing tomorrow, stay tuned! 


Show information in stylish tooltip

Guide your users through the content with useful tooltips

Great App Connect integration

It's really easy to add tooltips to any element, thanks to App Connect integration. Add dynamic data easily!

Animated tooltips

Enable animation for smoother show/hide actions

Show where needed

Select where to display the tooltips - left, right, top or bottom

Rich HTML content

Use standard HTML tags to customize the tooltip content

Different trigger options available

Select how to trigger your tooltips - on click, hover or focus

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