DMXzone Database Connector 2 Coming This Week!

September 10, 2019

As we announced yesterday our Database Tools are getting major updates.

The first of the server-side extension to get a new major version is the Database Connector. Released 6 years ago, our most popular server-side extension - the DMXzone Database Connector is being used in thousands of dynamic websites, built with Dreamweaver. It allows you to access any well known database without any SQL knowledge in Dreamweaver. Thanks to its amazing visual Database Query Builder you can build complex database queries or add advanced filtering and joins and more!

The new DMXzone Database Connector 2 comes with a totally revamped UI, new database connection wizard, improved query builder and speed improvements. It will allow you to create really advanced queries, use the long anticipated visual nested query conditions builder and much more, all of this thanks to the development we've done with Wappler and its amazing community!

DMXzone Database Connector 2 supports PHP, ASP and ASP.NET and all the major database types, like - MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more.


Visual Query Builder

The included visual query designer allows you to build your queries and generate SQL queries fully visual. Just select the table, add columns, adjust filtering and sorting options and you are done!

Server Connect Integration

DMXzone Database Connector 2 integrates fully in Server Connect, where you can define your database connection and create your Database Queries.

Database Connection Wizard

The Database Connection Wizard supports all the major database types, like - MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite and more, so you can visually connect to your database without any SQL knowledge.

Support for PHP, ASP and ASP.NET

DMXzone Database Connector 2 is a single extension, which supports PHP, ASP and ASP.NET server technologies, so you can work on multiple projects using different server types!

Database Query Builder

The integrated Database Query Builder comes with full database schema reading support, automatic SQL generator, automatic data types conversion, full data type validation and enforcement and easy table and column pickup.You can see the generated SQL query directly in the Query Builder dialog.

Complex Conditions

You can build advanced complex conditions such as nested group of rules. You can conditionally enable or disable these rules only when a certain condition is met.

Server-side Paging

Create paged queries without the need to do any weird, database specific SQL magic here. DMXzone Database Connector 2 knows all the various SQL Databases and uses a specific paging technique specific to that database.

Database Single Query

You can create a database query which returns a single record. That’s really useful in cases where you filter your data and expect a single result to be returned, like retrieving the logged in user info - so no complicated repeats are required.

Query Sorting

You can sort your query by specific columns and you can control the sort options using dynamic conditions.

Table Joins

SQL joins are used to combine rows from two or more tables. The Database Connector 2 features inner, left and right joins where you can add more than one table to the Database Source Query Builder.

SQL Aggregate Functions

The following functions are available: COUNT, AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM so you can perform calculations on your sets of values.


The SELECT DISTINCT statement is used to return only distinct (different) values. Inside a table, a column often contains many duplicate values; and sometimes you only want to list the different (distinct) values.

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