App Connect Autocomplete coming this week!

January 21, 2020

A top requested extension is coming this week - App Connect Autocomplete!
You can finally give your users the power of simple selection and fast filtering in one input control.

App Connect Autocomplete provides auto suggestion when entering text into a text input. This is useful when you have a dynamic list of products, countries, options etc., so you can offer your users quick and easy search and selection without having to enter long text. You can use any dynamic data source for with this handy extension - a database query, a JSON data source, an API data source or an array with items. It is extremely lightweight and blazing fast!

Stay tuned - App Connect Autocomplete is coming tomorrow!


Auto Suggestion

App Connect Autocomplete provides auto suggestion directly under your text input.

App Connect Integration

The Autocomplete component integrates with App Connect, so you can setup its properties easily.

Easy Configuration

Customize your Autocomplete options as you need and add a custom 'No Results' text message.

Convert Text Inputs

You can convert your Bootstrap 4 text inputs to Autocomplete in a single click.

Use with any Data Source

You can use any data source with Autocomplete - a database query, a JSON data source, an API data source or an array.

Select Text and Value

Select what text to be displayed in the suggestions list and what value to be sent with the text input.

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