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embed video in dreamweaver 4.0

Posted 30 May 2002 19:32:38
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30 May 2002 19:32:38 Norman Walsh posted:
I used the MX16507_videoembed.mxp extension from the Macromedia site to embed a Windows media video file into Dreamweaver.
It plays great in dw4 and also if I open it from Windows Explorer.
The problem is after I upload it to my server then try to play it, it plays sound only, no picture.
I would be greatful for any suggestions to rectify this.Or any alternative method to embed video.


Replied 05 Jun 2002 10:14:56
05 Jun 2002 10:14:56 Julio Taylor replied:
I think the problem might be in the configuration of your server. You'll be better off asking your hosting company for help, or if you are hosting your own site, check out any possible issues with video stream configuration.

i hope this helps.


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