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MX and .Net

Posted 28 Jun 2002 09:56:27
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28 Jun 2002 09:56:27 Viktor Farcic posted:
Until now, there's been only few posts regarding .Net in MX. Possible explanations:
1. .Net developers think that MX isn't good enough.
2. .Net developers went to other forums.
3. Macromedia's fans don't like .Net.

I was just wandering what do you think about MX and .Net.

Viktor Farcic
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Replied 01 Jul 2002 15:54:25
01 Jul 2002 15:54:25 I Mahomed replied:
.net? mmm well someone tell me all issues have been sorted out, cuz the last time i installed it my IIS server would kill the box CPU usage would shoot up to 100% and stay dere *shrug* so uninstalled havnt installed it again since then .. ane1 tested it out post here <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle> pls...

Replied 03 Jul 2002 03:31:45
03 Jul 2002 03:31:45 James Threadgill replied:
I just built my first dwmx application. I will be posting tutorial and the resulting code soon.
Replied 03 Jul 2002 12:02:10
03 Jul 2002 12:02:10 Owen Eastwick replied:
I'm just waiting until I have enough time to make the switch to .net development. From my understanding there is quite a change from ASP 3.0 and that is more closely related to Visual Basic than ASP. So for someone like myself that has never really used VB or Visual C# I think there is quite a lot to catch up on before I would be as comfortable and proficient with as I am with ASP/VBScript.

In addition, there are still relatively few hosts that support when compared to ASP 3.0, I'm hoping that by the time I have got to grips with the new methodilogy there will be more choice. I have noticed some hosts charging extra for hosting, which seems a bit cheeky considering the framework is free to download from Microsoft.



Multiple Parameter UD4 / Access 2000 Database Search Tutorial:
Replied 03 Jul 2002 19:18:58
03 Jul 2002 19:18:58 Brent Ozar replied:
I just got done a while ago with my first site conversion from Dreamweaver 4-generated ASP to MX-generated .Net ASPX. I think you hit the hammer on the head with all three of your explanations, actually.

MX is simply not the tool you want to use for ground-up .Net work yet: the lack of a code-behind implementation takes a lot of the .Net advantage away. Our company is rewriting sites for the express purpose of the code-behind features, and since MX doesn't do it, then you might as well use VS.Net.

As far as #2, I don't think this forum is the place for strong .Net help.

And for #3, I'd have to say that based on my first site conversion, I'm not itching to go through that again. Since I don't build ground-up sites every month, it'll probably be a while before I use MX to do a .Net site.

What's your damage, Heather?
Replied 05 Jul 2002 03:23:25
05 Jul 2002 03:23:25 b w replied:
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using .net for MX? In a nutshell.

Replied 12 Jul 2002 03:18:35
12 Jul 2002 03:18:35 b w replied:

Which language are you using? or C# for ASP.NET

Replied 12 Jul 2002 09:25:16
12 Jul 2002 09:25:16 Viktor Farcic replied:

It's a matter of choice. There are no real advantages in any of .Net languages.

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Which language are you using? or C# for ASP.NET

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Viktor Farcic
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