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shall i ise fireworks or dreamweaver??

Posted 28 Sep 2002 13:50:30
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28 Sep 2002 13:50:30 drew blar posted:
i am making everything in fireworks, but my friend says i would be better to just do the graphics in fireworks and put it all together in dreamweaver, this ive never used dreamweaver, im alreay tired from reading all the tutorials in fireworks do i have to do it again with dreamweaver??
please advise
thank you all


Replied 30 Sep 2002 17:13:17
30 Sep 2002 17:13:17 Martha Graham replied:
I can just say how I do it, I do my graphics work in fireworks or photoshop and put the site together in dreamweaver mx.

Martha Graham
Replied 30 Sep 2002 22:46:37
30 Sep 2002 22:46:37 Dave Thomas replied:
Me too,

You can make it all in fireworks, but you'll never have the flexibility you would if you did it in Dreamweaver and imported your graphics.


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Replied 26 Dec 2002 05:51:59
26 Dec 2002 05:51:59 Chris Vasquez Mr. replied:
I used to use frontpage to maek my sites but then moved on to Fw i use that now for my graphics and putting the sites togterh i just use dreamweaver for the html code

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