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Fireworks 4 pop-menus and cache settings in IE

Posted 24 Nov 2002 14:48:30
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24 Nov 2002 14:48:30 Scott France posted:
Hi all,

I've just finished a website at where I use a pop-up menu created in Fireworks 4.

It seems to work fine when viewed through Internet Explorer <b>unless</b> the user has changed the browser options so that the 'Temporary Internet files' option for <b>"Check for newer versions of stored pages"</b> is set to "Every visit to the page" (works fine if the setting is "Automatically".

If it is set to <b>"Every visit to the page"</b> the menu goes all screwy with grey bits appearing etc as the browser is continually trying to download the images for each menu item as you move you mouse back and forward over the individual menu entries.

Can you please suggest a workaround for this as I don't want to exclude an potential audience members from viewing the website correctly?

Many thanks, hope this makes sense.


Replied 24 Nov 2002 17:07:21
24 Nov 2002 17:07:21 Scott France replied:
Damn Netscape 7 hehe!! Perhaps someone can solve this mystery. In earlier versions of Netscape the site works FINE but in Netscape 7 the drop-menu does not sit where it is meant to i.e. under the heading of 'Our Services', rather it sits somewhere else on the page!!

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Replied 25 Nov 2002 01:15:24
25 Nov 2002 01:15:24 Dave Thomas replied:
I'm just pleased there wont be anothe version of Netscape <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>


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Replied 27 Nov 2002 08:28:53
27 Nov 2002 08:28:53 Scott France replied:
By the way because the menu is in a centred table I used Timothy Atwood alternate js script which allows for relative positioning rather than absolute and this worked great in Navigator 6.x and earlier but no longer works with Netscape 7.0 <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

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