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Where can I go to get the help I need?

Posted 26 Nov 2002 16:49:54
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26 Nov 2002 16:49:54 Jason Michalek posted:
I'm new to web design and i've been learning I'm wanting to get some design sills. I found a site which is very similar to the way I thought of designing my site, except I never knew where to start. I'm talking about I'm wanting to know how to create the pot with handle design part of their website it's the only way I could explain it. It's the one with the navigation. I tried creating a simular design in fireworks but it was created with one picutre and I could not add editible regions for my links. I noticed it also uses CSS. Can someone please help me with which software can get me started on that I'm currently using dreamweaver and fireworks MX. Also tell me what to use in the software. I would apprieciate it greatly.

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