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Creating round edge of graphic

Posted 09 Jan 2003 21:15:18
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09 Jan 2003 21:15:18 Thin Lizzy posted:
Hello I have a basic box but would like to make the edge on the left side rounded..... can anyone help thanks


Replied 10 Jan 2003 10:06:52
10 Jan 2003 10:06:52 Lee Diggins replied:
Hi keano,

it depends which version of Fireworks you have.

MX has the 'Rounded Rectangle Tool' designed specifically for this.

Foireworks 3 is a little different, this is from memory. I believe you double click the 'Rectangle Tool' icon on the left and bring up the properties for the tool, one of them being the round corner setting. Enter a value between 0-100, then draw your rectangle. You cannot change the value of the drawn rectangle, so if it's not what you wanted, change the value and draw another rectangle.


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