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Posted 19 Feb 2003 04:37:54
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19 Feb 2003 04:37:54 Chris Vasquez Mr. posted:
OK i need help i'm making a mouse-over image in FW MX and it look sgood in FW now i export i choose export slices html and images

Now when i look at it in Dreamweaver Mx it works now when i go to uplaod it to the server and look at it on the net when i mouse over the picture just disappears what am i doing wrong? any help will be appreciated


Replied 18 Mar 2003 14:03:16
18 Mar 2003 14:03:16 Tom Oude Egberink replied:
Probably the OnMouseOver images were not uploaded.
Do you select all the files manually or do you let DW upload the appropriate files by selecting and uploading only the HTML manually?

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Replied 25 Mar 2003 06:06:39
25 Mar 2003 06:06:39 Arik Jones replied:
go to your local directory, and select all slices that are not in tune with the ones on the remote server. Meaning the ones that have the word "over" or something to that affect. Then hit put, and you're all set...

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