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Protecting Dreamweaver Extensions

Posted 06 Jul 2003 17:23:13
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06 Jul 2003 17:23:13 Pedro Gardete posted:
Hi ppl...
I'm a newbie around these topics... my question is if you know how to protect a dreamweaver javascript add-in from other people copying it...

I've been thinking of putting all the functions in a DLL, and from there, ensure people register the extension.

Any ideas?
TIA, Pedro.


Replied 09 Jul 2003 23:55:58
09 Jul 2003 23:55:58 Dan The Man replied:
worst case senario;

someone might actually improve it
Replied 18 Jul 2003 14:52:15
18 Jul 2003 14:52:15 richard waite replied:
the only way to hide your code is to put the functions in a DLL. you can use dreamweavers C Level extensibility to implement javascript functions in C. The DLL can then be saved in the 'jsextensions' folder in the dreamweaver configuration folder.

There is some info on this - go to help>extending dreamweaver in dreamweaver menu. However, this is more of a reference than a useful tutorial. I recently found a book on amazon - Beyond Dreamweaver by Joseph Lowery, which has a small chapter on C Level Extensibility, but apart from this, I can't find any resources or discussion groups related to this subject.

If you're proficient at C programming, then you might not need any more resources - and if so then let me know cos i could do with some help!!

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