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HTTP Error Code 405 Method Not Allowed?

Posted 18 Sep 2003 04:38:26
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18 Sep 2003 04:38:26 Tom Maurer posted:
I'm at the Database window trying to connect to an Access db with a connection string and I get the error? No one can tell me what is wrong. There isn't anything wrong with my connection strings. They have worked before, and they don't seem to work anymore.

My host says there is nothing wrong at their end? Is it possible that the 6.1 updater I downloaded is bad?? Please help!


Replied 18 Sep 2003 15:17:02
18 Sep 2003 15:17:02 Julio Taylor replied:
Hi Flee,

Just a slightly hopeful suggestion, check to make sure all your URL references in the site definition window are pointing to the right place (e.g. or whatever.

I've solved a million random problems by doing this before. If it doesn't work, try to delete your connection files and redoing the connections again. Also check your FTP permissions and any other file access restrictions on your connections folder.



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