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Pop-up menu problem

Posted 15 Apr 2004 06:22:39
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15 Apr 2004 06:22:39 michael tama posted:
I have created a pop menu through Fire works with the automatically created mm_menu.js script. When the new DW page is viewed in Browsers (IE, Safari, Netscape) the page looks fine and the menu works. However, If the Dreamweaver document is then converted into a .dwt template file, Internet Explorer has begins to have issues. The Pop-up menu springs but the dropdown items no longer have button characteristics. They lose all button functionality.

I appologize for the lengthy description, but the site is not yet live. the hosting should be up soon (hopefully)




Replied 08 Mar 2013 02:01:33
08 Mar 2013 02:01:33 Joseph Byer replied:
I also has a pop-up menu, using Fireworks. My symptoms are that the individual pages work - but the links to each other do not.

I am guessing the mm_menu.js is at fault but I don't know how to fix it.

Lacking any magic bullets from the audience i'll just delete and recreate.....



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