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Posted 10 Mar 2005 22:01:14
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10 Mar 2005 22:01:14 Chris Charlton posted:
For visitors <b>looking for help regarding problems with extensions they have purchased from DMXZone</b>. Please use the link below to visit the homepage and dedicated help forum created for your extension.

<u>Please Note: The extension homepage link usually contain useful information like FAQ's, Tutorials, and Support links for the extension.</u>


1.) Append some profile signature to <b>show what version of software and what coding language your using</b> etc...

<i>DWMX | ASP | ACCESS</i>


<i>DWMX | PHP | MYSQL</i> basic examples.

The least you can do is give this information to let people help you. No point in sitting there waiting for an answer, only for someone to have to reply to your post to ask if you are using ASP or PHP and what version of Dreamweaver. It's time wasting for us and YOU.

2.) <b>Help us see:</b> Any screenshots/links, or even chunks of code for our members & support department to reference would be a big help.


Please reply back with a simple message once your issue/questions have been resolved.

This will allow us to:
1.) Measure the success of responses.
2.) Make better and more frequent FAQ's to share with the everyone here. Remember, FAQ's are searchable!
3.) Make better and more frequent Tutorial's to share with the everyone here. Remember, Tutorial's are searchable!
4.) Close solved posts when site needs spring cleaning.

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