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making a streches for a percentage table

Posted 31 Mar 2005 19:20:08
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31 Mar 2005 19:20:08 shola law posted:
Hello good pple of the forum, i 've an eighty percent wide table for my masthead, but i can't get to make an appropriate image of the same width in fireworks that will strecth accross the table. Pls guys i need some advice on this. i can easily make graphic(s) for a pixel based table, but a percentage table i 've worries i need to overcome.
Thank you

If u think u can u can


Replied 31 Mar 2005 20:12:40
31 Mar 2005 20:12:40 Chris Charlton replied:
The trick is to slice the areas like a logo or something. Then you need to make a repeating background image, like a gradient or texture/pattern that repeats easily. Then slice and dice. The background image will need to be exported without the front elements (logo, etc.). You need to do a little CSS to control the repeating of the background image better, not neccessary but better.

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