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Survey with user limits

Posted 22 Jul 2005 00:46:29
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22 Jul 2005 00:46:29 Scott Wylie posted:
I would like to get pointed in the right direction please. I need to create a survey page.
Users are asked about 15 questions. Users answer on a 1 to 5 scale. Users can pick only so many of an answer. Ie only 7 @ rating 5.
A Floating box that tallies how many used and/or left of the rating.
All questions scroll in a page – so users can revisit and edit their answers. When answer edited it is updated real time in status box.
Submit button to enter the data to database.

Is this DHTML? Java? Any suggestions where to start would be wonderful.
Scott Wylie


Replied 22 Jul 2005 11:21:17
22 Jul 2005 11:21:17 myke black replied:
few options here - you could do it in java, shockwave, flash or HTML. Whichever method you use depends mainly on what programming skills you have. Since you are using a database and would probably want to restore the previous answers from a database, then it might be quicker and easier using a javascript/DHTML solution. You should use server side scripting (like php, asp or cfm) to create the html page and populate with previous answers. You would have to limit the answers using javascript, so the onclick event for a question's radio buttons (assuming you are selecting ratings using radio buttons) would call a javascript function which could count how many questions have already been answered with that rating, then if you exceed the limit, pop up an alert box with an error message.

the 'Floating box' which tallies how many of each rating has been used can be done as either a div layer, iframe, frameset or popup window. I would personally use a div layer and change the innerHTML properties of the layer to display the tallies, but you could equally just have a few extra text fields in the form which displays the totals, and this would be tied in to the same javascript function that handles the onclick events for the ratings button/drop down lists/textfield.

sounds easy doesn't it (!)

good luck Scott.

Myke Black

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