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Page size does not change

Posted 30 Oct 2006 02:48:37
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30 Oct 2006 02:48:37 Ife Oluwa posted:
hello there,

i discovered that I cant reset/change the page size away from the default setting on Dreamweaver MX.

I select the 'edit sizes' option from the Window Size pop-up menu, nothing that all the listed page sizes are inactive. Only the 'edit sizes' is active. I select it, then select a page size ex: 800x600 and click ok. Nothing happens, the page size still remains the same.

pls how do I change the page size to match my expected sizes.



Replied 11 Jan 2008 17:46:36
11 Jan 2008 17:46:36 Rich Davis replied:
Hello Ife,

I am having the same problem with dreamweaver. Did you ever find a solution?
Replied 11 Jan 2008 18:33:49
11 Jan 2008 18:33:49 Javier Castro replied:
on design mode, using the maximize button, you can use the window setting.
First. If your window is Maximized then Click on Max. button again, on your window or page that you are working on(not the whole application, just the window)
second. use the window size menu that you are referring to and select the size you desire. It will expand or resize accordinly.

Hope it helps.


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