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Can someone help

Posted 18 Dec 2006 21:22:21
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18 Dec 2006 21:22:21 Joey Hoover posted:
I am the special ed teacher at our school and built the original web site with dreamweaver 4. another comp[any took over the site hosting for us and made its own template. However, the school board is fed up with them so on Feb 1st they are pulling hte contract with the company. During this timeframe, I have been given a copy og Fireworks MX, t design the home page and other pages for the site. The Technology dept has let me use, ON THIS SCHOOL, computer, Dreamweaver 8. So here's my delimma:

While planning out the basic template of/for the homepage/"other" pages as well, I have ran into a problem, when I go to "slice" up the file in FW, everything goes ok,as saving as a HTM. file. NOW when I open that in Dreamweaver, the section that I have sliced up will now "expand" and "cuts " itself for some reason.

So my question is, If I send someone the FW file, can you "fix" it for me, check it in Dreamweaver 8 OR whatever, see it stretches when you add a LOT of text or images inside of the Slice area, AND DOES NOT cut itself up, and send it back to my email, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE the help, I need to get this going over Christmas break, so I can get on with making the other pages, I REALLY am begging, if you can help please do so thanks.

MTFBWY, but keep God #1.

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