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rollovers and popups not working on mouseover

Posted 14 Jan 2007 02:53:29
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14 Jan 2007 02:53:29 Rebecca Richter posted:
Hi there! I don't know anything about JavaScript--I just use the Dreamweaver behaviors. Usually that works o.k., but I'm having problems with my rollover and dropdown menu at When you rollover "information" on the navbar, a dropdown is supposed to appear, and the button is supposed to change from white to green. The other navbar buttons are also supposed to change from white to green on mouseover, but they also do not. Any suggestions?



Replied 17 Jan 2007 20:40:49
17 Jan 2007 20:40:49 Javier Castro replied:
go to code view and locate line 13, the following code should look like this:

window.mm_menu_1203170523_0 = new Menu("root",96,0,"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",12,"#669966","#FFFFFF","#FFFFFF","#669966","center","middle",3,0,1000,-

change the numbers after "root", 96, 18,
to look like this: "root", 96, 0,

the 18 is the Y or vertical position of your menu item and the 96 indicates the width of the menu cell.


Replied 28 Jan 2007 07:47:54
28 Jan 2007 07:47:54 Rebecca Richter replied:
O.K., I tried substituting the "18" for a "0", and my dropdown menu on the "info" button still isn't showing up and my rollovers on the navbar are not working. Other ideas?


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