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drop down nav

Posted 17 Mar 2007 23:26:12
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17 Mar 2007 23:26:12 Alex Chevchenko posted:
can someone give me code or help me out on making drop down menu in css i will be really thankful

Thank You


Replied 19 Mar 2007 18:20:52
19 Mar 2007 18:20:52 Alan C replied:

checkout this site

where you can download a free menu designer, I've used it and found it useful, I did a bit of 'tweaking' of its code afterwards
Replied 20 Mar 2007 19:19:00
20 Mar 2007 19:19:00 Alex Chevchenko replied:
o wow you know any other cool sites or anything about other cool stuff.....or any css trick
Replied 21 Mar 2007 16:07:47
21 Mar 2007 16:07:47 Alan C replied:
glad you like it <img src=../images/dmxzone/forum/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>

try the magnolia social bookmarking site, they have groups for web developers and one for CSS

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