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Posted 03 Jul 2007 12:52:19
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03 Jul 2007 12:52:19 Kiril Iliev posted:
The forum has rules that have to be respected, so keep to the following instructions or your posts will be considered violently.

Please restrain doing the following basic things:

a. Signatures containing offensive remarks about Users or Forum/Dynamic Zones member(s)
b. The spreading of lies or any kind of rumors
c. Obscene, Pornographic or Illegal remarks, links and so on
d. Posts/Signatures containing racism, discrimination and anti-women/men content

Posts including:

a. Political Discussions
b. Religious Discussions
c. Sport Discussions
d. Advertisement of any kind
e. Insulting posts about any Forum/Dynamic Zones member(s)
will be considered violently by any of the forum moderators so do not wonder why you find your topic deleted shortly after. They all will be considered as spam and we shall show no mercy!

If you feel the need to make an insulting attack/threatening against Dynamic Zones for any reason, you are in the wrong place. However feel free to write down your comments and feelings and send them via e-mail.


Rule one: Keep to the Topic

We offer a Forum section for each of our extensions. This means posts concerning a particular extension should be kept in its assigned Forum section. For example for ASP, feel free to post anything about the assigned technology – suggestions, troubleshooting, or any other issues concerning it should be kept there.

Rule two: No Spamming!!!

This includes something like "I am bored..." or the senseless additions of Posts in a Thread to keep it at the top of the list. Others do not care about your feelings – these forums are meant to help people with technical issues concerning DMX extensions. This could not only confuse new members, but also makes it harder to keep an overview by anyone. SPAM is considered as well if somebody intentionally makes multiple same titled Topics with same content trying to get attention or aggressively wants a fast answer.

Rule three: Do not use only capital letters in Thread titles. Your monitor won’t break-down if displays small letters

It is NOT allowed to have a Thread title using nothing but capital letters in order to draw attention. These will be deleted without a comment. However, there will be no problem if words, containing in the Thread title, start with general letters.

Rule four: Use the board language

The forum has a board language - English. This mean you have to use it in your posts. It is strictly forbidden to write in other languages but English. Do not be ashamed if you cannot write proper English – you are not in the English class in the high school.

Rule five: Search and then Post

It is easy to open a new thread to talk about a certain subject, whether it is a question, comment or otherwise. Imagine if everyone did that. It would be more than difficult to find anything then. So please use the Search function that is what this feature is there for, because the chance that your question might have already been answered is very high.

Rule six: Policy needs to be respected...

The Internet outside of this Forum is a treasury for copyright protection offences. This means that any instructions on how to crack/download software, movies or music, links to any Warez or any other illegal sites, files and so on is strictly prohibited. Threads/Posts about Warez, Cracks or Illegal copies are also included in this rule, no matter how innocent they may seem.

Rule seven: Would you like some tea, sir

If you want to talk about the life and what to share your feelings with your buddies visit the Coffee and Tea forum.

And Final, but Most Important Rule: The Moderator is always right...

If any of these rules are broken, it is up to the Moderator to decide on the severity of punishment. This means that Posts or entire Threads can be deleted without the need to comment on them or explain the reasons for their deletion. The Moderator can also warn or even ban an offender if a major rule has been broken, also without comment. If someone feels the need to open a thread entitled "Why topic X is deleted" or something like that, don’t be surprised to find those deleted shortly afterward. The idea is not to censor everything which is not liked by the Moderator(s), but to keep the good spirits of sensible communication alive. Please think before you post.

Thank you for your participation
Dynamic Zones Team

DMX Zones Support Team

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