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Having Trouble Linking a Button to a Slideshow

Posted 19 Feb 2008 04:17:53
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19 Feb 2008 04:17:53 grace julia posted:
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and I'm looking for a little help.

I am currently making a website in Fireworks CS3 and so far it's functioning. In Fireworks I linked my buttons to their file names, for example, the home button link is home.htm, and every single button works fine... except for the gallery button.

I created a slideshow using the feature in Fireworks CS3, and it created the following files: player_white (flash movie), galleryplayer.html, a folder with all my photos and slideshow.xml. I tried to link the Gallery button to galleryplayer.html, and I also tried galleryplayer.htm, but neither work. I've tried it about twenty times, and it just won't work. When I click the gallery button in the browser, nothing happens at all!

Sorry I can't explain it better, but any help would be appreciated. I desparately need this site up and running by next week.

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